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Gaia's team is company specialized in steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is eco friendly and gives a higher higher hygiene standard. We offer all our services at your residence: seats & sofa cleaning (also car seats cleaning), carpet cleaning & mobile steam car wash.


No time to go with your car to the car wash? Want to have your sofa cleaning, but you don't want to stay for three days without your sofa? We offer service at home or company for seats & sofa cleaning, car seat cleaning, office chair, carpets and car.


We care about the environment:
• No use of harmful chemicals
• Safe for you and your family
• eco friendly

• Only non-chemical products like, water, bio-degradable detergent and steam are being used

• Seats, sofas, carpets and car interior get cleaner, stay clean for a longer time and smelle fresh

• No risk of allergical reactions

*discount not cumulable. Offer transportation costs max 2x50km (heen&terug).

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Steam cleaning is a simple and very efficient cleaning method.

The high temperature of the steam together with the pressure of the steam ensure that the dirt particles are loosened. The dirt can thus be wiped off, or vacuum cleaned, so that the surface becomes perfectly clean and hygienic. The high temperature of the steam also ensures that all bacteria are killed. This principle applies to all our services: seat cleaning, carpet cleaning and car cleaning.


In addition, this method of cleaning can clean and disinfected hard-to-reach areas. The steam that comes into contact with the air drops very quickly in temperature so it is very safe to use.


Cleaning and disinfecting with high temperature and pressure does not pose any health risks by using expensive and often chemical cleaning products.


Through frequent use, chemical products can cause problems such as asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. in addition to the continuous damage to the environment. More people therefore realise that the use of chemicals for cleaning should be reduced.


So make an appointment now to have your seat cleaned, to have your car cleaned or to clean your carpet

No transportation

costs when total

of quotation is above


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