Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed, then please get in touch with us.


Can I also pass by at your premises for my car cleaning?

Gaia's team offers mobile services on location and always works by appointment. We come to you for cleaning your car, but if you wish you can also leave the car here for cleaning. Making an appointment is always necessary.


How long does it take to clean my sofa, car of carpet?

This of course depends on what exactly needs to be cleaned and how dirty the car, seats or carpet is. We try to indicate a duration up front, but don't work with time pressure and try to accomplish a high quality result that sastisfies the customer


Can all stains be removed

The possibilities for the removal of stains depend on: type of stain, how long it is already present and in what type of material the stain is present. We always strive for the best possible result.


Does Gaia's team clean seats, cars and carpets at home?

Yes, our steam cleaning method allows us to clean at the customer's location. You do not have towi stay thout a seat for several days.


Will the seats remain wet or damp after cleaning?

No, the steam cleaning method thoroughly cleans the seat, but does not get wet. Averages can be used again after 2-4 hours. The final drying time depends further on temperature and ventilation in the room and how dirty it was for cleaning.

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