Gaia's team is a company specialised in steam cleaning and was established in January 2010 and located in Tongeren. Originally started as mobile steam carwash and now expanded with services such as carpet cleaning, seats & sofa cleaning and car seats cleaning.

Steam cleaning is the basis of our service, but other methods are used too. By steam cleaning (chemical) products are saved and especially when cleaning cars a lot of water is saved.

In an article in "De Morgen" of 21 March 2011 was written that Belgians use on average twice as much water as the world average. The water footprint (the total volume of fresh water used to make the goods and services consumed by the consumer or the community or produced by the company) of the Belgian is 7,400 liters per day.

Clean water will become even scarcer due to climate changes and the increasing need for goods. Because there are no alternatives available for water, this means that cutting back on water consumption is still the simplest and most successful method and that is why Gaia's team uses steam cleaning as the starting point for a contribution to a better environment.


Gaia's team has already satisfied many customers during the last years. You can get a shortimpression in the overview of our references on the same page.


Gaia's team performs it's activities according to the SPIQE principle:

  • Specialist in steam cleaning

  • Professional services

  • Innovative cleaning

  • Qualitative services

  • Ecological mindset

No transportation

costs when total

of quotation is above


carpet cleaning

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